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Nine Easy Ways to Build a Strong Estate Plan

October - November - December 2017

How a Marital Bypass Trust May Save Thousands in Taxes

July - August - September 2016

Why Do You Need to Know About Revocable Living Trusts?

July - August - September 2016

Default Estate Plans in Malaysia May Not Please Survivors

April - May - June 2016

Planned Giving to HHE Charities

January - February - March 2016

New Info-Tech Fund to Help Monks With IT Financing

October - November - December 2015

Death & Dying: Preparations for Transition

July - August - September 2015

Estate Planning in the United Kingdom?

April - May - June 2015

Durable Power of Attorney: When You Do Need to Give Others Control of Your Property

January - February - March 2015

Three Distinct Types of Fund Raising: Annual Gifts, Major Gifts and Planned Gifts

October - November - December 2014

Community Property and Joint Tenancy: Why it Matters How You Hold Property

July - August - September 2014

Why the All-Important Will Is Only One Part of Your Complete Estate Planning Package

April - May - June 2014

Annual Ganesha Blessing Ceremony for Students in Mauritius

January - February - March 2014

Hindu Advocacy Group Celebrates a Decade of Service

October - November - December 2013

An Advance Health Care Directive Saves Family Grief

July - August - September 2013

Ways of Giving that Don’t Tax Your Finances

April - May - June 2013

Canada Law Dictates a Will for Those Who Did not Leave One

January - February - March 2013

Digital Dharma Fund Helps Sustain Monastery Websites

October - November - December 2012

Tale of Two Siblings Shows Choice of Trustee Is Crucial

July - August - September 2012

What Do You Need to Know About Revocable Living Trusts?

April - May - June 2012

Honoring Grandfather & Supporting a Temple in Lanka

January - February - March 2012

Floods Lay Bare the Plight of Pakistan's Hindus

October - November - December 2011

Panchangam Endowment Fund

July - August - September 2011

Hinduism Today Production Fund

April - May - June 2011

Saivite Hindu Scriptural Fund for the Visually Impaired

January - February - March 2011

West Texas Hindus Create an HHE Endowment

October - November - December 2010

Volunteer's Tale of Two Visits to a Malaysian Orphanage

July - August - September 2010

Mother of Three Creates Fund For Positive Discipline

April - May - June 2010

An Estate Planning Toolkit to Benefit You, Iraivan Temple & Other Worthy Causes

January - February - March 2010

Answered Prayers and Dietary Change Inspire Dr. Nigel Siva's Two Endowment Funds

October - November - December 2009

Hindu American Foundation Makes Vivid Case for Support

July - August - September 2009

Ramanathaswamy Temple Cleaning Fund

April - May - June 2009

Priest's Fund Supports Satguru's Malaysia Travel

January - February - March 2009

Fund Honoring Late Wife Gives Solace to Husband

October - November - December 2008

Fund to benefit Hindu charities in Malaysia

July - August - September 2008

Fund Allows Son to Honor Bangladeshi Dad

April - May - June 2008

Saivite Tamil Foundation: A fund to benefit children and the elderly

January - February - March 2008

Bharatiya Ekta Mandir of Arizona Endowment

October - November - December 2007

New Fund Ensures Spiritual Future of Murugan Temple of North America

July - August - September 2007

Karnataka Temple Development Fund: USA Doctor Gives Legacy For Village of His Youth

April - May - June 2007

Charitable Trust for Hinduism Today is a Win-Win for Professor & Wife

January - February - March 2007

Siva Poomi School Trust Fund

October - November - December 2006

Planned Giving to HHE Charities: What is planned giving?

July - August - September 2006

The Hindu Literature Fund

April - May - June 2006

Hindu Heritage Endowment---A Complete List of Funds

January - February - March 2006

Yogaswami Hindu Girls' Home at Sittandy Fund

October - November - December 2005

New Kauai Aadheenam Yagam Fund

July - August - September 2005

New Himalayan Academy Book Distribution Fund

April - May - June 2005

Swami Vipulananta Children's Home Endowment

January - February - March 2005

Complete List of Endowment Funds

October - November - December 2004

Karnataka Temple Development Fund; Sri Ganesha Hindu Temple of Utah Fund

July - August - September 2004

Taos Hanuman Fund; Saivite Hindu Scriptural Fund for the Visually Impaired; Kauai Aadheenam Art and Artifacts Fund

April - May - June 2004

Swami Agnivesh Endowment; Kerala Temple Trust Fund; Udayan Care, New Delhi; Kapaleeshwara Temple Orphanage; Pazhassi Balamandiram, Kerala; Kashi Visweswaraswamy Temple Fund; Puri Monasteries

January - February - March 2004

The Murugan Temple of North America Pillaiyar Shrine Fund; Yalpanam Nallur and Kathirkamam Festival at Murugan Temple of North America; The Kashi Visweswaraswamy Temple Fund

October - November - December 2003


July - August - September 2003


April - May - June 2003


January - February - March 2003

Pooled Income Fund

October - November - December 2002

Malaysia Endowment Activity

July - August - September 2002

Sri Lanka Endowments Activities

April - May - June 2002

India Endowment Activity

Jan - Feb -Mar 2002

Udayan Care

Nov - Dec 2001

Pooled Income Fund

Sept - Oct 2001

Malaysia Endowment Activities; Memorial Funds

July - Aug 2001

Sri Lanka Endowment Activity; Support Hinduism In your Homeland

May - June 2001

Swami Agnivesh Endowment Fund; True Versus Quasi Endowment

Mar - Apr 2001


Hindu Heritage Endowment is a publicly supported, charitable organization recognized as tax exempt by the IRS on April 22, 1994. Employer ID 99-0308924. Founded by Satguru Sivaya Subramuniyaswami, its philanthropic mission is to provide secure, professionally managed financial support for institutions and religious leaders of all lineages of Sanatana Dharma.


Halbert/Hargrove, Investment Counsel; Sonoda & Isara, LLP, CPA. HHE is a member of the Council on Foundations, an association of more than 2,000 foundations which interprets relevant law and management and investment principles, and of the National Committee on Planned Giving, the voice and professional resource for the gift planning community.

I want to participate. Where should I Send My Donation?

You may send your gift to an existing fund, create a new Endowment or request information through the address below.

Donations may be made online at www.hheonline.org or use the HHE tear-out card in the HINDUISM TODAY magazine to join our family of benefactors who are Strengthening Hinduism Worldwide. Thank you.

Jaffna Temple Fund

The Alaveddy Subramuniya Temple Fund

Helps provide upkeep of the Alaveddy Subramuniya Temple in Sri Lanka

Girls Home

The Yogaswami Hindu Girls' Home of Sittandy Endowment

Provides funds for this Sri Lanka girls home


The Udayan Care Endowment

Helps to regenerate the lives of the disadvantaged, particularly children and women

Kautiliya Fund

The Kautiliya Endowment

Provides youth scholarships for monastic or priest training at Kauai Aadheenam

Global Human Rights

The Endowment for Global Hindu Rights

Helps support the Hindu American Foundation's Hindu human rights efforts

Planned Giving Guidance

How a Marital Bypass Trust May Save Thousands in Taxes

Use Giving Assistant to save money and support Hindu Heritage Endowment